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About Malaysia B2B Marketplace

MDEX, or Malaysia Digital Enterprise Exchange, is a government supported B2B (Business-2-Business) e-commerce platform. We serve businesses ranging from SMEs to large companies in optimizing their daily global trading processes and to better navigate the digital economy.

Leveraging the Internet’s high potential with MDEX, we set out to make it easier for businesses to conduct business activities by giving suppliers the tools necessary to reach a global audience for their products, and helping buyers find products and suppliers swiftly and efficiently.

Digital Economy, Connected Community

MDEX is operated by ManagePay Systems Berhad (“MPay”) a provider of end-to-end electronic payment (“e-Payment”) solutions for banks and financial institutions. MPay is currently listed on the ACE Market of Bursa Malaysia with market capitalization RM60.39 million.

Over the 20 years of operation, MPay has grown and evolved its business to encompass a large digital ecosystem with the tagline “Digital Economy, Connected Communities”. The ecosystem serves to develop a disruptive and complete e-payment, e-financing and e-trade facilitation suite of solutions, designed to work in tandem to assist SMEs with their Digital Business Process Reengineering journey.

Strengthen your business capabilities

MDEX is embedded with E-Request for Quotation, E-Procurement, E-Delivery Order, E-Invoice and E-Payment capabilities and functionalities. 
• Low start-up fees
• Unlimited online product catalogue input
• Easy to use merchant portal
• Ready to use and secure Internet payment gateways
• Variety of powerful business tools for use

Conduct business with peace of mind

Essentially, we are here to protect you so you can get to work without worry. In the event that either product quality or ship date varies from what you and the supplier had agreed to, we will offer assistance in reaching a satisfactory outcome.

Please review our Warranty, Order Cancellation Policy, Return / Refund Policy, and Marketplace Return Policy carefully, so we can better protect you.